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February 13, 2021

With its strategic location, abundance of natural beauty, rising tourism, surge in property development and the lowest tax rate in Europe, not to mention its potential membership of the EU in 2025, the tiny Balkan country of Montenegro is ripe for investment. Here are CBI Guide’s top 10 reasons to secure citizenship by investment of Montenegro.

  1. Strategically and conveniently located Located in Europe and with direct access to the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro borders Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Croatia, and offers access to both mountains (skiing resorts) and coastline (117 beaches). The country delivers affordable and effective transportation with an extensive road network and the fast Sozina tunnel connecting the capital with the coast. There is a rail network offering international rail connections towards Serbia and two international airports, with the one in the capital Podgorica offering direct flights to 28 destinations in 17 countries.
  2. Set to become EU member in 2025 Montenegro is highly likely to become a member of the European Union by 2025, giving future citizens the freedom to then live, work and study anywhere in the 28 EU member states, as well as even more freedom of movement in terms of visa-free access worldwide. At the moment, a Montenegrin passport will give you visa-free access to 124 countries, including Russia, the EU and Turkey, with its passport ranked 44th worldwide (up two places in Q4 2020 from Q1). Therefore, getting in on the action now, considering the affordable costs and quick timelines (US$350,000 and three months) will give you an absolute bargain once 2025 and EU membership comes along. The country is however already a member state of the European Monetary Union, the NATO Alliance, OSCE and the WTO.
  3. Ripe for investment Montenegro is ripe for overseas investment and is the only country in the Balkans to increase the amount of direct foreign investment. It’s becoming known as a place to invest due to its security, stability and mobility. From a tourism perspective, the country is in rapid growth with tourism now accounting for a fifth of the economy and is a priority for the government to develop tourism and make it a major contributor to the economy.
  4. 11 development projects to choose from There are now 11 government-approved property projects that foreigners can invest in via the CBI Programme. Located both in the northern and southern parts of the country, investors have the choice with property on the coast in the south or in the mountains next to ski resorts. There is a minimum €250,000 investment required in a less developed area or northern region and a minimum €450,000 in a more developed area like the capital Podgorica or beach resorts like Porto Montenegro. Investors can choose to invest in a ski resort room in the northern town of Kolasin, Montenegro’s main mountain resorts, or in a managed residence in a five-star property development located at the luxury waterfront and yachting paradise of Porto Montenegro. The latter, named Boka Place, is a development spread across five buildings and designed around a central square, blending the boundaries between fitness, wellness and hospitality. When complete, it will feature a diverse selection of eateries, retailers and public spaces, as well as 213 managed and private residences, ranging from studios to private apartments to three-bedroom duplexes and penthouses, and will be home to the first SIRO 360 Vitality Hub, a new fitness-infused hotel concept.
  5. Untouched natural beauty Montenegro is renowned for its stunning beauty, ranging from high mountain peaks in the north to its stunning Adriatic coastline offering variety in nature and lifestyle. The country is listed annually by prestigious tourism guides as a top tourist destination due to its stunning seaside scenery (its coastline is more than 180 miles long with 117 beaches) and its rugged mountains are equally impressive with caves, canyons and national parks, offering an array of activities from hiking, horse riding, to mountain biking and kayaking. The country also offers one of the world’s finest yachting marinas, Porto Montenegro, and a primaeval forest, Biogradska Gora.
  6. Fast-growing economy Classified by the World Bank as an upper middle-income country, Montenegro is considered to be one of the fastest growing economies in the Balkans and is a strategic destination for some fo the world’s most important industries.
  7. Quick route to US entry As a Montenegrin citizen, you can subsequently access the E-2 Treaty Program, which allows you to live, work and do business in the US within three months.
  8. Gain citizenship within just three months Montenegro offers one of the fastest routes to citizenship, with the ability to process applications within three months of submission. And applicants need not fulfil any mandatory residence requirements either before or after the grant of citizenship – good news for right now when travel is so difficult.
  9. Family-friendly Apart from the fact that Montenegro is renowned for being a safe, secure country with low crime, perfect for families, access to citizenship of Montenegro does include the immediate family. Montenegro’s CBI Programme lets applications include their spouse, minor children and adult children who are dependent on the applicant in one application.
  10. Lowest tax in Europe Montenegro has the lowest tax rates in Europe for both personal and corporate income, fixed at just 9-11% in personal income tax and 9% in corporate tax.