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What is citizenship by investment?

Citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes and allow you to obtain official citizenship, along with a passport, by donating money to a government fund (responsible for financing projects that aim to benefit that country’s economy and aid diversification) or by making a large financial investment in the country via the purchase of a government-approved real estate project. The donation, though non-refundable, is usually the cheapest and quickest option to gaining citizenship, averaging two to three months. While the real estate investment, carrying a heavier price tag, does offer you the chance to get your money back and even make money, with most countries allowing investors to sell the property after some time, from three to seven years. Residency by Investment is a similar programme, but for a donation or investment, you instead obtain residency only, but which leads to citizenship after a certain number of years.

Why would I need a second passport?

In times of turbulence, be it economic, political, social, the result of a natural disaster, or as recently realised, a global health crises like a pandemic, having a plan B is a necessity. Investment in a second passport is a good insurance policy should hardships arise, offering a safe haven and security for you and your family. And, as it brings citizenship for life, be that immediate or via residency leading to citizenship, it can guarantee a safeguarded future for generations to come.
With visa-free access to hundreds of countries, a second passport can expand your horizons, both personally and professionally, opening you up to lucrative markets in the EU, Middle East, Asia and South America, among others, and giving you the opportunity to invest new markets. This can both help you grow your business and manage your wealth. Dual citizenship can help you in both managing and preserving your wealth, offering advantageous tax policies and helping you to shield your assets. A second passport gives you the benefits that come with a living in another country, offering you a better quality of life, be it world-class healthcare and outstanding educational institutions or access to cultural variety and luxurious services.

How do I apply for second citizenship?

Each country offering a Citizenship Investment Programme (CIP) has its own Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU), the country’s Government authority tasked with processing applications for citizenship. While guidelines differ depending upon the country, most require that applicants have a clean criminal record, are in good health, and can prove they are of good character, as well as subsequently undergoing and passing a number of due diligence checks, including those around funding. Applicants must apply for their chosen CBI or Residency via a licensed agent that has been authorised by the country you wish to apply to. Once all application forms are completed and the necessary documentation provided, you simply await the outcome. If approved, you make the investment and within two to six months, your citizenship can be approved.

  • Opening up of lucrative business markets
  • Increased mobility with visa-free travel access
  • Ensuring your family’s safety and security
  • Gaining access to world-class healthcare and education
  • Safeguarding of your assets and protection of wealth
  • Advantageous tax policies
  • Greater banking privacy
  • Quality of life and beautiful locations

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