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January 25, 2021

Following the expansion of two boutique hotels in leading CBI Caribbean country Antigua & Barbuda, international HNWIs have the opportunity to invest shares in exchange for citizenship of this Caribbean nation

Built on the west coast of Antigua island, boutique hotels Cocos Hotel and Keyonna Beach Resort have announced plans for expansion in 2021 with 30 new cottages, 10 at Cocos Hotel and 20 at Keyonna Beach Resort.

Once construction begins on the expansions, the hotels will be added to the approved list of hotels for investment under Antigua & Barbuda’s successful Citizenship by Investment Programme and international HNWIs will have the chance to buy shares in these hotels as part of the CIP.

An investment of US$200,000, the minimum investment threshold for participation in Antigua’s citizenship by investment programme, will give investors a single share purchase in either hotel along with single citizenship and an Antiguan passport.

Doubling investment to US$400,000 gives investors a double share purchase and Antiguan citizenship and passports for the entire family.

Upon purchase of the hotel shares, investors will receive dividends with developer forecasts predicting up to 8% per annum (US$16,000 for a single share purchase) with investors receiving payment after four years following purchase, with 32% payment of US$64,000.

Cocos hotel antigua
Cocos Hotel, Antigua

Boutique hotels designed for couples

The Cocos Hotel and Keyonna Beach Resort are boutique hotels designed for romantic getaways with the hotels not accepting singles or families with children.

Located on a picturesque cliff, the Cocos wooden cottages feature balconies with sea views, while the deluxe cottages come with a private outdoor pool. The hotel delivers an on-site restaurant and two beach bars, along with a spa offering Swedish and Thai body massages. Also on offer are yoga classes, kayaking and scuba diving with live entertainment in the evenings.

Overlooking Turner’s Beach, the Keyonna Beach Resorts boasts wooden cottages with Caribbean sea views and featuring verandas and handmade furniture throughout, while the luxury villas offer private outdoor pools. There’s a hotel restaurant with tables overlooking the beach.

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment

As one of the options for citizenship by investment of Antigua & Barbuda, property purchase is a smart choice considering that property on the islands is growing in value by 1.5-3% per year due to the islands’ tourism growth with more than 300,000 tourists visiting the nation each year.

Applicants to the citizenship by investment programme who take the property investment route must keep the property for a minimum of five years during which time they can rent it out and following which they can sell.

In exchange, investors receive Antiguan citizenship and passport (US$200,000 investment for a single applicant and US$400,000 for a family of four) giving them the chance to travel visa-free to 151 countries worldwide including the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Hill & Hill – specialists in Antigua CBI Programme

If you are considering citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda, we recommend you make Hill & Hill your agent of choice.

Leading specialists in Antigua & Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment programme, Hill & Hill are best placed to provide advice on the CIP as senior partner Radford Hill was a member of the Task Force appointed by the Government to advise o the feasibility of the Programme and was instrumental in creating the legislative and institutional framework.

Hill & Hill can provide comprehensive advice on both legal and regulatory issue of citizenship by investment. Find out more by clicking here