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Flood of digital nomad visa programmes offer remote workers taste of citizenship investment

The pandemic has brought with it the opportunity to work remotely and the desire to reside somewhere pandemic-free. And with tourism-dependent countries desperate to replace lost dollars, a flood of digital nomad visa programmes has hit the market in recent months, extending the portfolio of opportunities offered by the global citizenship and residency by investment … Continue reading Flood of digital nomad visa programmes offer remote workers taste of citizenship investment

Why wouldn’t you want to live in one of the happiest places on the planet?

Ranked as the fourth happiest country in the world, remote South Pacific island Vanuatu combines high levels of wellbeing with a low carbon footprint and a culture of inclusion, and it’s one of the last places on Earth with no confirmed Covid cases. And for just US$130,000, foreigners can become citizens in just 45 days. … Continue reading Why wouldn’t you want to live in one of the happiest places on the planet?

Is Barbados on the brink of launching a Citizenship by Investment programme?

In July 2020, the tourism-reliant Caribbean island of Barbados unveiled a 12-month visa to attract remote workers, and then in September, announced its intention to become a republic next year. With the pandemic having hit its tourism sector hard, could Barbados be revisit its plan from 2016 to launch a citizenship by investment programme?

The in-demand pandemic passport is changing the CBI industry landscape

While, predictably, the pandemic has triggered a sharp increase in demand for citizenship by investment, unpredictably, coronavirus has changed the who, why and where of the CBI landscape, with applicants from unexpected countries surging, reasons for economic citizenship changing, and some CBI countries really standing out from the citizenship crowd.

Grenada’s CBI Programme offers HNWIs alternative route to the US

As one of just three Citizenship by Investment Programmes worldwide (and the only one in the Caribbean) that allows its citizens to enter, invest and work in the US via the E-2 Investor visa treaty, Grenada’s CIP is proving increasingly popular with HNWIs, especially from India and China, where there is increased private wealth.

Why are so many Americans applying for citizenship by investment?

Since the pandemic kicked in earlier this year, not only have a record number of US citizens registered an interest in citizenship by investment, they have shown one of the biggest nationality spikes in CBI programme applications over the past nine months. So why exactly are Americans in pursuit of a pandemic passport?

Which Citizenship by Investment Programmes are the most family friendly?

When it comes to securing economic citizenship, high-net-worth individuals are looking increasingly for Citizenship by Investment programmes that allow them to include their families, both immediate and extended. And the CBI Programmes are responding, with many adjusting their dependent criteria to cater to client demand. So which CBI countries are family friendliest?

Will Malta, Europe’s best CBI Programme, continue its rise once re-launched?

For the first time, Malta has emerged as the best Citizenship by Programme in Europe, according to the CBI Index 2020. However, with the country’s programme having reached its cap of 1,800 and with its re-launch following new rules and guidelines from October 1, will the new iteration continue its upward trajectory?

Will CIPs become even more of a lifeline for countries post-pandemic?

If well executed, a Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) can, and does, bring countries much-needed investment to help boost economic growth, create jobs and fund development. And with the negative effects of the pandemic taking hold, such programmes could become even more of an economic lifeline.

Which country will be next to launch a CBI programme?

In these times of economic instability, launching a CBI programme could bring much-needed revenues to that country. From Albania to Mauritius to Egypt, we investigate which countries could be on the verge of unveiling citizenship by investment programmes.

Which second citizenships offer the most passport pulling power?

Following the latest update of Henley’s Global Passport Index, we evaluate the global mobility you can expect from securing a second passport.

9 reasons to secure a second passport

From freedom of movement and family legacy to tax efficiency and investment opportunities, the CBI Guide highlights the top nine benefits of obtaining second citizenship.

CBI Guide citizenship by investment