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Upcoming St Vincent and the Grenadines election could pave way for citizenship by investment

If St Vincent and the Grenadines’ opposition NDP party were to win in the forthcoming election on November 5, it could mean the unveiling of yet another – the sixth – Caribbean-based Citizenship by Investment programme.

Portugal to remove Porto and Lisbon as investment opportunities from its residency programme

From 2021, Portugal’s popular residency by investment programme, which offers an affordable route to Portuguese citizenship and EU membership and which has seen a record number of applications in 2020, will change its conditions, allowing applicants to invest in real estate only outside of Porto, Lisbon and the popular Algarve region.

Flood of digital nomad visa programmes offer remote workers taste of citizenship investment

The pandemic has brought with it the opportunity to work remotely and the desire to reside somewhere pandemic-free. And with tourism-dependent countries desperate to replace lost dollars, a flood of digital nomad visa programmes has hit the market in recent months, extending the portfolio of opportunities offered by the global citizenship and residency by investment … Continue reading Flood of digital nomad visa programmes offer remote workers taste of citizenship investment

Montenegro approves even more development projects for citizenship by investment

The youngest citizenship by investment programme, Montenegro’s CIP, which has seen a 142% surge this year, has recently extended its portfolio of approved development projects to offer economic citizens 11 investment options, with everything from a 5* hotel room in a popular ski resort to a luxury residence in the Med’s best marina.

Leading CBI country Saint Kitts & Nevis set to reopen October 31

Following Saint Kitts & Nevis’ recent announcement that it will reopen for tourism on October 31, the Caribbean island, which boasts the world’s most established CBI Programme, has outlined the entry and travel requirements of its phased reopening and listed the hotels and resorts that are open.

Dominica unveils Safe in Nature campaign offering managed ‘travel bubble’ experiences

With the aim of reassuring tourists, residents and potential citizens as to Caribbean island Dominica’s safety, the Discover Dominica Authority has unveiled a Safe in Nature campaign, providing managed experiences within a travel bubble that comprises everything from accommodation and transport to spas, restaurants and activities.

Just-released Passport Index Q4 2020 confirms global mobility shift

As international travel resumes following the pandemic, but with Covid restrictions still in place, a new global mobility hierarchy has emerged, according to the just-released Passport Index 2020 Q4 edition. While some of the world’s most powerful passports like the US have lost their shine, others have gained global mobility ground.

Why wouldn’t you want to live in one of the happiest places on the planet?

Ranked as the fourth happiest country in the world, remote South Pacific island Vanuatu combines high levels of wellbeing with a low carbon footprint and a culture of inclusion, and it’s one of the last places on Earth with no confirmed Covid cases. And for just US$130,000, foreigners can become citizens in just 45 days. … Continue reading Why wouldn’t you want to live in one of the happiest places on the planet?

Saint Lucia’s CIP rebrand reinforces its reputation as secure, reliable, authentic

With a fresh new look and feel and a brand-new tagline of Authentic, Respected and Secured, Saint Lucia’s re-branded Citizenship By Investment Programme reinforces its identity as a CIP that delivers good governance and rigorous due diligence… a message that’s increasingly important and one that lies at the heart of its re-brand.

Dominica’s CBI-approved resort developments continue progress despite pandemic

While applications for Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment programme have slowed during Covid, there’s been no slowdown in the construction of the island’s CBI-approved developments – eco resorts and hotels – all of which have continued construction at pace despite the pandemic.

Cyprus suspends its successful but controversial Citizenship by Investment Programme

Following media criticism of Cyprus’ Citizenship by Investment programme and a subsequent investigation exposing political abuse, the Cypriot government has today announced that it will suspend its highly successful Citizenship by Investment programme, taking effect from November 1.

Grenada PM impressed with progress of Kimpton Kawana Bay project

Grenada Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell, says he is impressed with the progress of work on the Kimpton Kawana Bay project. During a recent tour of the project site, Dr. Mitchell, accompanied by Parliamentary Representative for the area, Honourable Nickolas Steele, witnessed the start of work on the construction of the fourth … Continue reading Grenada PM impressed with progress of Kimpton Kawana Bay project

Bulgaria offers free property to Hong Kongers investing in Citizenship by investment

Last month, in response to the unfortunate and complicated situation in Hong Kong, Bulgaria’s Immigrant Investor Programme (BGIIP) unit announced that it is offering complementary real estate to Hong Kong citizens who wish to acquire Bulgarian economic citizenship.

155,000 properties in Turkey sold to foreigners in the last five years

Of the nearly 7 million (6.9 million) houses purchased in Turkey in the last five years, 154,871 were bought by foreign investors, demonstrating a rapid increase in foreign property purchase in Turkey in the last year due to the easing of minimum requirements for acquiring Turkish citizenship by investment.

Saint Lucia’s CBI Programme unveils new content-rich and easy-to-use website

In October, the Citizenship by Investment Programme of Caribbean island Saint Lucia unveiled its new brand identity and website. With its contemporary and clean branding and content-rich, easy-to-use website, the programme’s unit has upped the ante in the global CBI programme stakes as it continues to grow during the pandemic.

Applications to Antigua’s citizenship by investment programme return to pre-pandemic levels

While applications to Antigua & Barbuda’s successful citizenship by investment programme have continued throughout the pandemic, the numbers of applications have only recently returned to what they were pre-coronavirus, according to the Caribbean nation’s Citizenship by Investment Unit.

Bulgaria tackles citizenship by investment backlog with increased October time slots

Following huge delays in applicant interviews for Bulgarian citizenship by investment due to the coronavirus pandemic, Bulgaria’s Justice Ministry has announced an increase in the number of time slots available during October 2020 in the online scheduling system of its citizenship by investment directorate.

Surge in Britons seeking European citizenship due to Brexit

With the UK set to leave the EU on December 31, and with no deal looking likely, citizenship firms have witnessed a spike in British HNWIs looking to obtain second passports or residency permits via economic residency or citizenship in order to secure easier access to the EU come 2021, with Malta, Portugal and even … Continue reading Surge in Britons seeking European citizenship due to Brexit

RIF Trust responds to citizenship by investment boom in Middle East with a new programme

Driven by the rapidly increased demand in the Middle East region for citizenship by investment due to the pandemic, leading Dubai-based CBI advisory group RIF Trust has unveiled the CART Programme, which is aimed at empowering its partners to succeed.

Is Barbados on the brink of launching a Citizenship by Investment programme?

In July 2020, the tourism-reliant Caribbean island of Barbados unveiled a 12-month visa to attract remote workers, and then in September, announced its intention to become a republic next year. With the pandemic having hit its tourism sector hard, could Barbados be revisit its plan from 2016 to launch a citizenship by investment programme?

Greece pursues overseas pensioners during pandemic with flat tax rate

With Greece’s Residency by Investment programme seeming currently on hold but with plans to continue post-pandemic, and the Greek government looking to boost its struggling economy, the country has announced an attractive flat income tax rate of 7% for overseas retirees, in an attempt to woo foreign pensioners to its stunning shores to live out … Continue reading Greece pursues overseas pensioners during pandemic with flat tax rate

The in-demand pandemic passport is changing the CBI industry landscape

While, predictably, the pandemic has triggered a sharp increase in demand for citizenship by investment, unpredictably, coronavirus has changed the who, why and where of the CBI landscape, with applicants from unexpected countries surging, reasons for economic citizenship changing, and some CBI countries really standing out from the citizenship crowd.

Grenada’s CBI Programme offers HNWIs alternative route to the US

As one of just three Citizenship by Investment Programmes worldwide (and the only one in the Caribbean) that allows its citizens to enter, invest and work in the US via the E-2 Investor visa treaty, Grenada’s CIP is proving increasingly popular with HNWIs, especially from India and China, where there is increased private wealth.

Increasing numbers of Africans interested in citizenship by investment

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to create instability worldwide, and economic migration offering both an insurance policy and the option for a better life, there has been a huge spike in demand for citizenship by investment from high-net-worth investors in African, especially Nigerians and South Africans.

Antigua and Barbuda unveils Nomad Digital Residence Programme

With its very low pandemic rate, laid-back lifestyle and 365 breathtaking beaches (one for each day of the year) and following the success achieved by its seven-year-old Citizenship by Investment Programme, Antigua & Barbuda unveils a residency programme allowing foreigners to live in, and work remotely from, the Caribbean island.

Dominica’s new Entrepreneurship Visa Program offers alternative route to citizenship

The government of Dominica has expanded its citizenship by investment opportunities, which includes its successful CBI programme, with the launch of a brand-new initiative. The Entrepreneur Visa Program lets foreigners acquire a residency permit to Dominica, from which they can then obtain citizenship, in exchange for investment in the country.

Why are so many Americans applying for citizenship by investment?

Since the pandemic kicked in earlier this year, not only have a record number of US citizens registered an interest in citizenship by investment, they have shown one of the biggest nationality spikes in CBI programme applications over the past nine months. So why exactly are Americans in pursuit of a pandemic passport?

Antigua & Barbuda improves and updates CBI Programme throughout 2020

From the roll-out of its online application process to the introduction of a third pathway to real estate ownership, Antigua & Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment programme has been modified throughout 2020, demonstrating its ability to adapt and improve both to meet investor demand and remain relevant.

Vanuatu’s successful Citizenship by Investment Programme to be offered to stateless people

With a lucrative Citizenship by Investment programme under its Asia Pacific belt, the island nation of Vanuatu has put in place plans to become the first-ever CBI programme to allow stateless individuals to apply for citizenship, with accredited agent VanLS obtaining a three-year exclusive licence to handle the applications.

Boost for Dominica as new flights launched between the Nature Island and Barbados

As Dominica continues to build its luxury hotel eco-tourism sector and prioritises the building of its international airport, much of this funded by its successful Citizenship by Investment Programme, Caribbean Airlines begins regular flights for the first time between Barbados and Dominica, with four flights per week to run by mid-October.

Vanuatu achieves record surplus due to citizenship demand

Increased demand for economic citizenship of Vanuatu has given the cyclone-battered south pacific island a massive financial boost, achieving a record US$33.3 million surplus in the first half of 2020 and marking a 32% year-on-year increase in citizenship-related revenues, exceeding, by August, its annual projection.

Dominica’s CBI-approved Jungle Bay Eco Villas to complete by early 2021

Approved as an investment property by Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme, the award-winning eco-luxury development, Jungle Bay, which is set to re-open in October 2020, has continued the building of its phase one and phase two developments throughout the pandemic with 60 new investable eco villas due to complete early 2021.

Which Citizenship by Investment Programmes are the most family friendly?

When it comes to securing economic citizenship, high-net-worth individuals are looking increasingly for Citizenship by Investment programmes that allow them to include their families, both immediate and extended. And the CBI Programmes are responding, with many adjusting their dependent criteria to cater to client demand. So which CBI countries are family friendliest?

Turkey declared most popular Citizenship by Investment programme

With nearly 4,000 citizenship applicants approved during the first three months of the pandemic, Turkey continues to process high volumes of passport applications via its Citizenship by Investment programme, with no let-up during Covid. Such numbers make Turkey’s CIP currently the most popular on the market today.

Dominica’s CBI-approved Secret Bay resort to unveil new villas by November

During a RIF Trust-led webinar on September 7 to discuss the benefits of Dominican citizenship by investment, the CEO of Dominica’s CBI-approved Secret Bay announced that as part of phase two of the award-winning eco resort’s development, four new two-storey villas would be ready by November 1, 2020.

Will Malta, Europe’s best CBI Programme, continue its rise once re-launched?

For the first time, Malta has emerged as the best Citizenship by Programme in Europe, according to the CBI Index 2020. However, with the country’s programme having reached its cap of 1,800 and with its re-launch following new rules and guidelines from October 1, will the new iteration continue its upward trajectory?

Dominica PM headlines CBI programme webinar

As Dominica once more emerges as the world’s best CBI Programme according to the just-released CBI Index 2020, Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit joined a panel of specialists in a RIF Trust-run webinar to discuss the benefits of citizenship in this Caribbean nation. And CBI Guide was there to report.

Caribbean nations Dominica, Saint Kitts and Grenada top CBI Index 2020

Following the release of the latest CBI Index, for 2020, the Caribbean countries continue to outrank the rest of the world with their long-running, competitively priced and highly regulated Citizenship by Investment Programmes, with Dominica coming top, closely followed by Saint Kitts and Grenada.

Will CIPs become even more of a lifeline for countries post-pandemic?

If well executed, a Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) can, and does, bring countries much-needed investment to help boost economic growth, create jobs and fund development. And with the negative effects of the pandemic taking hold, such programmes could become even more of an economic lifeline.

Grenada CBI-approved resort under new management

Grenada CBI-approved resort under new management One of Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment-approved investment properties, the Mt Hartman development, has a new developer and management team, and work has started on the initial stages of the development.

CBI-approved Four Seasons Nevis sees surge in villa sales during pandemic

One of the Saint Kitts & Nevis’ Citizenship by Investment-approved properties, The Four Seasons Nevis has seen a massive spike in sales during the pandemic with demand for its stunning beachside freestanding villas booming.

New CBI-approved Montenegro development announced

Roll up, roll up, a brand-new development of managed residences located in the prestigious luxury waterfront location of Porto Montenegro, the Mediterranean’s largest marina, offers an approved and affordable investment option for applicants to Montenegro’s popular Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Dominica to introduce biometric passports

With ePassports proven to strengthen the security of Citizenship by Investment (CBI) passports, Dominica announces a move into biometric passports, while Saint Kitts is introducing biometric-shared background checks as part of its CBI programme due diligence.

All Caribbean CIP islands now part of Travel Bubble

All five of the Caribbean countries offering the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme have now committed to participating in the CARICOM Travel Bubble.

Antigua & Barbuda makes amendment to CBI programme

The government of dual-island Caribbean nation Antigua & Barbuda has made an amendment to the country’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme in order to ensure holders don’t lose their citizenship during the current pandemic.

Montenegro sees 142% surge in citizenship by investment applications during Covid

As the newest kid on the citizenship by investment block, Montenegro is currently seeing a huge surge in demand for its economic passport. So, what exactly is the pull of this little Balkan country?

Dominica’s new international airport is top priority

Earlier this month, Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, announced that his government was placing the construction of the Caribbean island’s new and much-anticipated international airport as its number one priority, with the aim of putting Dominica firmly on the global map.

Vanuatu’s CBI brings big revenues for 2020

According to the Vanuatu National Citizenship Commission (VNCC), nearly US$53 million in revenue was made in 2020, thanks to the pacific island’s highly successful Citizenship by Investment programme.

Two Dominica CBI-approved resorts re-open

On August 7th, the Caribbean island of Dominica fully reopened its borders for tourism and hospitality. According to Tourism Minister Denise Charles this means that all travellers, including non-nationals and those visiting for CBI purposes can travel to the Nature Island.

Decline in Cyprus property sales to foreigners

The first seven months of 2020, from January to July, has seen a 43% decline (compared to 2019) in property sales in Cyprus to foreigners, according to official statistics.

Grenada reaffirms strict position on CBI

The CEO of Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment programme, Percival Clouden, issued a circular on July 22 stating that any actions that are taken to reduce the amount of investment by a citizenship applicant below the statutory minimum real estate threshold is illegal and will be investigated accordingly.

Saint Kitts targets GCC region with its CIP

Following a significant increase from Middle East HNWIs in Saint Kitts’ citizenship by investment programme during the pandemic, the Caribbean nation is taking renewed steps in cementing its CIP within the GCC region.

Kimpton Kawana Bay launches sales of last units

The next 5-star beach resort to open in Grenada, Kimpton Kawana Bay, has announced the launch of its final units for sale, in the Kiawah building which is the last phase of the project to be built.

Portugal unveils online service for renewal of residency

At the end of July, the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) unveiled a new functionality in SEF Portal allowing foreign nationals and third-country nationals to renew their residence permit online up until October 30, 2020.

Dominica adapts CBI programme for benefit of families

The Citizenship by Investment Unit of Dominica recently announced a series of amendments to the country’s citizenship by investment programme, making it easier for applicants to include their extended families in the application.

Cyprus approves bills to tighten CBI programme

On July 31, Cyprus Parliament approved two proposed regulations which are set to tighten the country’s citizenship by investment programme.

Dominica’s new Budget will use CBI programme funds

Following this week’s Budget announcements for 2020-2021, Dominica is set to use the revenues made from its successful Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme in order to build new housing, among other pinpointed public services including healthcare and education.

Which country will be next to launch a CBI programme?

In these times of economic instability, launching a CBI programme could bring much-needed revenues to that country. From Albania to Mauritius to Egypt, we investigate which countries could be on the verge of unveiling citizenship by investment programmes.

Could Henley be out of Malta’s CBI programme?

Previous criticism of Malta’s citizenship by investment programme has led to the government recently overhauling it, announcing in July that a new CBI programme with new rules is set to launch from September. So what does that mean for advisory firm, Henley & Partners?

Dominica’s CBI-approved resort scores prestigious accolades

Dominica’s CBI-approved six-star Secret Bay Resort has been named the Number One Resort in the Caribbean and the Number Six Resort in the world by Travel + Leisure’s 2020 World’s Best Awards

Cyprus’ CBI programme boosts country’s real estate market

According to the 11th edition of the KPMG Cyprus Real Estate Market Report – The Insights, the real estate sector in Cyprus contributed 16% more in 2019, compared to 2018, with the country’s citizenship by investment (CBI) programme contributing to this increase.

Webinar heralds success of Saint Kitts and Nevis’ CIP

Longevity, strict due diligence, adaptability and transparency are all reasons why the world’s longest running CBI Programme, Saint Kitts and Nevis, continues to be so successful. In a recent webinar, the Saint Kitts’ Prime Minister joined with other industry experts to discuss the country’s citizenship by investment successes

Is the Solomon Islands considering a CBI programme?

Following the financial success that Vanuatu’s CBI programme has brought the island nation, could its South Pacific sister, the Solomon Islands, be on the verge of launching its own programme?

Passport Legacy opens office in Nigeria

A leading citizenship by investment advisory company, Passport Legacy has announced the opening of a new office in Nigeria.

Malta CBI programme deadline extended

The July 31 deadline to apply for residency, the first step to Maltese citizenship, under the country’s current Individual Investor Programme has been extended to mid-August.

Which second citizenships offer the most passport pulling power?

Following the latest update of Henley’s Global Passport Index, we evaluate the global mobility you can expect from securing a second passport.

Cyprus CBI programme reforms continue

The Cypriot government continues to announce reforms to its citizenship by investment programme.

Four hotels approved for Montenegro’s CBI

The government of Montenegro has given approval for four hotels to be included in its recently-launched citizenship by investment program.

Dominica Hilton resort approved for CBI

Hilton’s Tranquility Beach Resort on Dominica has been granted an eligible investment option under CBI.

Malta’s IIP given complete overhaul

Following previous criticism of the Malta’s Individual Investor Programme (MIIP), the Maltese government has overhauled the programme.

9 reasons to secure a second passport

From freedom of movement and family legacy to tax efficiency and investment opportunities, the CBI Guide highlights the top nine benefits of obtaining second citizenship.

Cyprus resumes review of CIP applications

Following a temporary freeze on the Cyprus citizenship by investment program in January, the government has re-started discussions on tightening criteria.

One month left to apply for Malta’s IIP

For applicants interested in starting the process to secure a second passport for Malta, there is just one month until deadline for residency.

Investment for Caribbean islands’ airports

The World Bank provides US$159 million in loans to four Caribbean countries, including Dominica and Grenada, to help improve air connectivity.

Saint Lucia’s CIP brings in US$48 million

Since launching in 2016, Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment program has contributed millions to the socio-economic development of the country.

Caribbean islands compete during Covid-19

From temporary price reductions or exclusion of government fees to expansion of list of dependents, the Caribbean countries are upping the citizenship by investment (CBI) stakes with new adjustments during the pandemic.

Antigua & Barbuda reveal post-pandemic plans

PM Gaston Browne explains that throughout the pandemic the country’s CIP has continued to receive a steady stream of enquiries.

Infographic: Saint Lucia CBI

View Country Profile for Saint Lucia. Read latest Saint Lucia CBI news.

Why Antigua & Barbuda CBI is best for big families

Offering one of the most competitively priced CBI programs worldwide, Antigua & Barbuda has just made itself the most affordable and attractive citizenship choice for those with large families.

Which is the best Caribbean CBI program?

The five Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programmes may all seem similar, but there are some unique differences that may help you decide the best second passport choice for you. We ask, who’s the Caribbean Queen?

Cyprus tightens CBI Programme regulations

Cyprus’ Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme is set to be updated with new regulations.

Dominica uses CBI funds for education

One of five Caribbean countries to offer a Citizenship by Investment program, Dominica has revealed that in the last few years it has spent millions of dollars on education, funded entirely from its Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program.

World Bank backs Dominica airport

The World Bank will provide the Commonwealth of Dominica with a concessional loan worth US$13 million.

CBI raises education standards

The Commonwealth of Dominica has spent $26 million to sponsor its youth studying abroad.

Chinese citizens turn to CBI for Plan B

More Chinese are enquiring about citizenship by investment (CBI), with St Kitts and Nevis a clear favourite.