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September 5, 2020

CBI-approved Four Seasons Nevis sees surge in villa sales during pandemic

One of the Saint Kitts & Nevis’ Citizenship by Investment-approved properties, The Four Seasons Nevis has seen a massive spike in sales during the pandemic with demand for its stunning beachside freestanding villas booming.

The Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis, which is located on the lush island of Nevis and which boasts one of the Caribbean’s top golf courses, has closed $8 million in transactions during the Covid-19 pandemic, with a further $8 million expected before the end of the year “if we can allow people into the country”, managing director Eric Johnson told Caribbean Journal Invest in mid-August.

Many of the property investment transactions for Four Seasons Nevis were conducted virtually, explained Eric Johnson, with outstanding ones “waiting until Saint Kitts and Nevis open their borders to international traffic”.

The government of Saint Kitts has since announced that it will reopen its borders to international tourism in October.

Four Seasons Nevis Saint Kitts villa sales

Demand due to Covid-19
As has been happening across the Caribbean, an increasing number of buyers have been looking to migrate to the Caribbean islands amid the pandemic. Such applicants are looking to invest in properties where they can spend more time away from the dangers and inconveniences caused by the pandemic in their own countries and/or can secure a Caribbean passport (via one of the five CBI programmes on offer) allowing them and their family to travel more freely during this difficult time.

While many countries have been put on the travel ban list due to high rates of pandemic cases and/or deaths, the Caribbean islands have fared well during Covid-19.

Among the Caribbean islands offering citizenship by investment programmes, Saint Kitts & Nevis has had just 17 reported cases with no deaths, while Dominica, which recently reopened its borders to global tourists has had just 20 cases and no deaths. Saint Lucia has had 26 cases and no deaths and Grenada, 24 cases and no deaths. Antigua & Barbuda has been most affected with 94 cases, and three deaths.

Four Seasons Nevis Saint Kitts villas

Saint Kitts’ CBI Programme
And while the multi-million-dollar villas being sold by The Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis are a higher cost than the current minimum investment threshold for Saint Kitts’ Citizenship by Investment programme, investing in one of the resorts’ villas (be it an existing villa, land or a share of the Villas at Pinney’s Beach) will immediately qualify investors for citizenship of Saint Kitts & Nevis.

Investors will then have dual nationality, gaining a valuable second passport, that of Saint Kitts & Nevis, both for themselves, their spouse and any dependents, giving them and their family visa-free travel to 156 countries, including the EU countries, the highest number of countries of the CBI programme-offering Caribbean countries.

And since residency is not a requirement of Saint Kitts’ CBI programme, there is no need to travel or live there; though once you do, you may not want to leave, given the country’s safety, stability and stunning environment. There are also no direct taxes, and the government offers a number of tax breaks.

What’s more, the country’s CBI Programme, which is the world’s oldest and therefore, most established (and considered to be the gold standard for the industry), is currently the only CIP offering a secure, fast-track route to citizenship via its Accelerated Application Process, which delivers a guaranteed 60-day result.

Four Seasons Nevis Saint Kitts resort villa

Pinney’s Beach Villas
Investors can benefit from several Four Seasons Resort Nevis ownership options, including one-tenth or one-quarter ownership shares in a three- or four-bedroom villa. Valued at $400,000, each one allows a complete family to qualify for the CBI programme, while each share gives investors five weeks personal use of the villa annually. Choose the ¼ villa share and spend up to 13 weeks on-island annually.

Located beside the most beautiful beach on Nevis, overlooking the Four Seasons Nevis golf course, and with spectacular views of Nevis Peak, each of the freestanding Villas at Pinney’s Beach are architect-designed and come with their own private pool, landscaped garden and are fully furnished.

The bonus? The Four Seasons Resort Estates oversee everything, from the design and construction, to rental and ongoing maintenance.

The Four Seasons is set to announce a new villa component soon. Called The Bungalows at Pinney’s Beach, this is a smaller version of the property’s existing Villas at Pinney’s Beach and will include fully-furnished, three-bedroom villas starting at $1.95 million pre-construction. They will be set on the fourth fairway of the golf course, some 200 yards from the beach.

To find out more about the programme, read our Country Profile by clicking here