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Ora Caribbean and Grenada CBI – the perfect combination

Nestling upon the lush tropical island of Grenada, Ora Caribbean’s latest hospitality and residential developments provide a host of outstanding investment opportunities and second homes for families seeking new adventures, or simply new beginnings.

Renowned for creating elegant and sophisticated environments that balance exceptional thinking with timeless design, we constantly work to cherish and enhance the natural world. Painstakingly designed, developed, and constructed, our remarkable, high-quality projects not only sit comfortably within their surroundings but have sustainability at their very core. Providing opportunities for residents, guests, and locals alike, each of our developments are living, breathing lifestyle destinations rooted in an authentic sense of community spirit. 

This, our first luxury resort in Grenada, opened its doors on December 1st, 2018. Set within an unspoilt corner of Grand Anse – one of the world’s most tranquil beaches – Silversands Origin features over 200m of beach frontage, as well as a signature 100m infinity pool (the longest in the Caribbean). A contemporary take on a timeless island retreat, this unique development is an ode to sophisticated simplicity and outstanding service.

In keeping with the visionary ethos of Naguib Sawiris, CEO of the global Ora Developers group, all Ora Caribbean developments in Grenada are designed and built to live in true harmony with their natural surroundings.

As an international businessman, Mr. Sawiris has been fortunate enough to see the world. However, tired of the faceless similarities of international resorts, he conceived Silversands as an antidote to the anonymous luxuries of high-end hospitality. Rather than being gated and isolated, Ora Caribbean developments seamlessly blend into the very life and fabric of the island. 

Silversands Origin

Ora Caribbean
Silversands Origin

Silversands Origin is the group’s flagship development, effortlessly bridging the gap between a five-star hotel and permanent residence. Dotted along the beach and on the hillside above the resort, nine awe-inspiring villas offer a unique opportunity to claim a lasting piece of this timeless, tropical hideaway.

Residents can choose to live entirely self-contained or make full use of the adjoining hotel’s considerable assets and services. Silversands Origin has quickly become an iconic landmark in Grenada. Featuring two gourmet restaurants that cater to guests and residents alike, as well as a sumptuous spa complex that offers bespoke treatments, relaxation, and all-around enrichment.

Silversands Legacy

Silversands Legacy

Silversands Legacy is both a homage to and an adaptation of Grenada’s original Silversands Hotel property. An elegant and intimate luxury resort with a chic, European feel, Silversands Legacy is also located on Grand Anse Beach but situated at the opposite end of the bay from the first Silversands resort.

Fronting the sandy beach on one side and the hills of Morne Rouge on the other, the property allows for ocean views from multiple locations.

An exceptional 5-star resort, Silversands Legacy aims to provide guests with an unforgettable experience that blends, tranquillity, relaxation, and authenticity.

Boasting a stunning 100m pool, the development will also offer an outstanding array of investment opportunities. These range from beach villas and pool beach duplexes to hillside villas and suites – all with sea views – plus hotel rooms with either a sea view or outlook over the pool.

Beach House by Silversands

Beach House

Beach House by Silversands is a small luxury boutique hotel nestled behind a protective cliff face on Portici Beach. Comprising of just 31 rooms, each with uniquely designed and distinctive architectural canopies, this hotel is intimacy personified. Guests will be able to choose from cliffside or beachside rooms and will enjoy highly personalized service and experiences. Whether dining with feet in the sand or indulging in the many treatments of our spa, The Beach House provides a retreat within a retreat. An opportunity to check-in and truly check-out.

With its rich heritage and legendary reputation, this stunning property has been the site of many of the island’s special events and most memorable functions. Set upon the idyllic beach beneath a dramatic cliff face, the site benefits from some of the island’s most iconic sea views. 

All of the suites at Beach House by Silversands are designed with architectural canopies adding to the overall authenticity of the experience while remaining true to the heritage of the location.

Each of the ‘canopied’ suites boasts a unique design, blending sophisticated style with relaxed simplicity to lend an enduringly tranquil feel to the whole development and the experience it offers.

Beach House by Silversands will have its own Italian restaurant on the beachfront, complete with canopied terraces and stunning vistas out over the Caribbean Sea.

Grenada Citizenship with full investment return

The original intention of the CBI Programme was to fund the expansion and growth of the tourism and hospitality industry by creating an alternate source of raising construction funding for developments, without it being a profit center for any party involved.

Ora Caribbean’s approach to CBI investment is in lieu of a traditional construction loan. Therefore, Ora Caribbean effectively treats investor funds like a short-term advance which they will repay in full after the 5-year holding period.

Therefore, what Ora Caribbean is offering is a fully transparent, risk-free, secure 100% buyback by the developer at the original purchase price.

An outstanding, Government-approved opportunity for you and your family to benefit from Grenada’s Citizenship By Investment Programme – presented by Ora Caribbean, a proven leading developer on the island.

Ora Caribbean is now offering a limited investment opportunity for discerning clients; the chance to join them as they embark on their next development phase, whilst also affording the privilege of application to the Grenada Citizenship Programme.