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May 22, 2021

Dominica entices Chinese with ‘investment in your future’

Head of the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit, Ambassador Emmanuel Nanthan, invited investors and their families in China to become citizens of Dominica during a speech at the China Offshore Summit in Beijing.

Ambassador Nanthan gave an overview the country and explained the benefits of its citizenship by investment programme.

Dominica’s CBI programme is one of the world’s oldest and most successful economic citizenship programmes in the industry. Investors from China and around the world seeking better life quality, wide-ranging travel rights, and a Plan B in uncertain times have obtained citizenship of Dominica.

“Our Chinese investors can come to Dominica, they can visit, they can stay, they can buy property, and they can operate. In fact, our programme has a very strong Chinese base from the very beginning, so we are developing a very healthy Chinese community in Dominica. A number of Chinese investors are involved in business in Dominica, be it in construction, be it in sales, be it in manufacturing,” said Ambassador Nanthan.

Individuals applying through the programme’s government fund option must contribute US$100,000 or US$175,000 for a family of up to four. If investors chose the real estate option, they could own a part of a luxury eco-tourism property on the island for US$200,000Dominica’s family focus also allows parents, grandparents, and siblings to be included in an application.

Successful applicants can enjoy visa-free and visa-on-arrival travel to over 140 destinations worldwide. A Dominican citizenship also means access to quality healthcare and education.

“An investment in our programme is an investment for you. It’s an investment for your children and an investment for your future generations,” said the Ambassador.

Dominica’s CBI Programme has been ranked the best globally by the CBI Index published by the Financial Times for four consecutive years.