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September 22, 2020

Boost for Dominica as new flights launched between the Nature Island and Barbados

As Dominica continues to build its luxury hotel eco-tourism sector and prioritises the building of its international airport, much of this funded by its successful Citizenship by Investment Programme, Caribbean Airlines begins regular flights for the first time between Barbados and Dominica, with four flights per week to run by mid-October.

With the Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica, now reopen for tourism, and investments continuing to pour into the country via its successful citizenship by investment programme, Caribbean Airlines has unveiled new flights between Dominica and Barbados.

Marking the airlines’ latest new route, the one-hour flights will operate twice weekly on Saturdays and Sundays, and will then increase to four times each week, adding in Wednesdays and Thursdays, by mid-October. This marks part of a plan by Caribbean Airlines to make regional travel easier.

“Our growth in the Eastern Caribbean continues with the start of service between Barbados and Dominica,” said Garvin Medera, CEO of Caribbean Airlines, in a statement. “Caribbean Airlines is fulfilling our mandate to make regional travel easier and more convenient and this network expansion is working in parallel with our strategic interline agreements to facilitate seamless connections from international destinations via Barbados to Saint Lucia, St Vincent Antigua, Kingston and now Dominica.”

Dominica building to becoming leading luxury eco island
It’s a major boost for Dominica, which not only has one of the region’s fastest growing luxury hotel sectors, but a thriving ecotourism sector, and the current building of a new international airport, the construction of which has been recently prioritised by the government.

The new flight route “has opened up a new gateway for us in Dominica to access Latin American countries and other international destinations”, Dominica’s tourism minister, Denise Charles, announced during Caribbean Airlines’ new flight inauguration ceremony on September 20.

At the ceremony, Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit added: “We look forward to a very strong partnership with Caribbean Airlines as we seek to improve on air access into Dominica, in the medium term, as we work towards the construction of our international airport.”

The building of Dominica’s first international airport is being funded via Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme, with the government having saved US$5 million monthly from the CBI Programme for this project.

And many of the world-branded and boutique eco-luxury resorts that have opened in Dominica in recent years are also thanks to the foreign investors who want to become citizens of Dominica and do so via the country’s CBI Programme.

Take the multi award-winning Secret Bay resort. Approved by the government as a CBI Programme investment, Secret Bay resort was recently named Number One Resort in the Caribbean and Number Six Resort in the world by Travel + Leisure’s 2020 World’s Best Awards. The resort has also recently announced that four new two-storey villas will be complete and ready for investment by November 1, 2020.

Another of the government’s approved investment developments for its CBI Programme is the award-winning eco-luxury development, Jungle Bay, which boasts 40 completed eco villas with 60 more in development, set to complete at the start of 2021, and all ripe for investment via the country’s CBI Programme.

Ultimately, it is the funds and investments accrued from the Programme that is transforming Dominica into a five-star destination with a focus on nature and sustainability, with Dominica predicted to become one of the top 20 tourism destinations of the future, according to the Financial Times.

Dominica Jungle Bay villas resort eco CBI

Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme
Known as the Nature Island, with its lush vegetation, rich rainforests and investment in clean energy, Dominica, which has just emerged for the fourth consecutive year as the world’s best CBI Programme (CBI Index 2020), offers foreigners, via its CBI programme, the chance to live somewhere that delivers long life expectancy, good health and an excellent quality of life.

From its affordability (it is currently the cheapest option) to its speed of processing (two months) and family friendliness (Dominica recently expanded the scope for eligible dependents), not to mention that Dominica has increased the power of its passport (with China set to join) giving citizens even more freedom of movement.

Recently, Dominica extended its ‘dependent’ clause in its CBI Programme to include a wider range of family members, including grandparents and adopted siblings.

In terms of citizenship by investment options, investors can either make a non-refundable donation of US$100,000 if single and US$200,000 for a family of four to Dominica’s Economic Diversification Fund (EDF), or make a real estate investment in a government-approved property, like Secret Resort, of minimum US$200,000 and can re-sell after three to five years of receiving citizenship, dependent upon purchase and re-sell.

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