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July 9, 2020

Dominica Hilton resort approved for CBI

Hilton’s Tranquility Beach Resort on Dominica has been granted an eligible investment option under CBI.

Part of the Hilton Curio Collection, the five-star Tranquility Beach Resort on the Caribbean
island of Dominica has been selected as eligible under the country’s long-established and
highly-regarded Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme.

Established for 27 years, Dominica’s program is renowned for being one of the world’s most
efficient, transparent and affordable CBI programmes, recently setting the record for the
highest percentage score ever achieved on the CBI Index (2019), published by the Financial

In addition to its donation option (one of the world’s cheapest at US$100,000 entry),
Dominica’s program allows foreigners the chance to gain citizenship by investing in
government-authorised property on the island, which applicants can only resell after five
years of receiving citizenship.

The recent approval of the Hilton’s Tranquility Beach Resort in the CBI program brings the
total number of government-approved properties to eight, among which are eco villas,
resorts and residences, already including brand names Marriott and Kempinski.

An investment starting US$200,000 in Tranquility Beach Resort will qualify an applicant for
citizenship in Dominica, with further government fees incurred for the main applicant
and/or additional family members.

The Tranquility Beach Resort, which announced it is due to open between the end of 2021
and the beginning of 2022, will deliver an eco-sensitive approach with a luxurious edge,
featuring cliff-hanging villas and with 99 rooms.

Set to create up to 300 permanent jobs on the island, the Hilton property was started on
back in January 2019 and despite the current Covid-19 situation “continues to move
steadily”, the developers announced.

Investment in this property under the CBI programme guidelines allows foreigners to
become permanent citizens of the Caribbean island of Dominica and take advantage of
everything the island nation has to offer, from its visa-free access to 139 countries to its
favourable quality of life and focus on clean energy and environmental issues.

The Economic Dominica Citizenship programme is not only one of the most established in
the industry, but in recent years has been considered to be one of the best across all
criteria, from price through to processing and freedom of movement. It is also known for
being one of the world’s most efficient and transparent options for economic citizenship
and plays a major role in promoting social and environmental causes, and especially that of
sustainable development.

To find out more about Dominica and its Citizenship by Investment programme, read our
country profile by clicking here.