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July 10, 2020

Four hotels approved for Montenegro’s CBI

The government of Montenegro has given approval for four hotels to be included in its recently-launched citizenship by investment program.

Following the reinstatement of Montenegro’s economic citizenship programme in May 2020 after it had been frozen since its launch last November, the Montenegro government has approved a list of four hotels as real estate projects.

Those wishing to apply for citizenship can now invest in one or more of these hotel properties as part of their application to obtain a second passport for Montenegro.

The CBI programme, known as the Montenegro Special Citizenship by Investment Program, which is currently the most affordable and quickest route to citizenship in Europe, requires applicants to make a donation of €100,000 to the country’s government fund along with an investment of between €250,000 and €450,000 in government-approved real estate, located in the northern and central region or in the capital and on the coast, respectively.

Montenegro hotel citizenship by investment

The entire list of government hotels now approved include: Condo Hotel, Kolasin Resort & Spa in Kolasin; the Condo Hotel Breza in Kolasin; the Hotel Kraljicina Plaza in Milocer, Budva; the Durnitor Hotel and Villas, Zabljak; the Bjelesica 1450, Kolasin; the K6 Kolasin; and Boka Palace.

An affordable and quick route to obtaining a passport within Europe, citizenship in Montenegro will give applicants visa-free access to 124 countries, including the EU, Russia and Turkey. And while Montenegro is not yet a member of the EU, the small Balkan country is expected to join in 2025 and will therefore make its passport even more valuable.