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October 15, 2020

Saint Lucia’s CIP rebrand reinforces its reputation as secure, reliable, authentic

With a fresh new look and feel and a brand-new tagline of Authentic, Respected and Secured, Saint Lucia’s re-branded Citizenship By Investment Programme reinforces its identity as a CIP that delivers good governance and rigorous due diligence… a message that’s increasingly important and one that lies at the heart of its re-brand.

The Caribbean island’s Citizenship by Investment rebrand coincides with its fifth year of operation and within those five years, it has remained true to its commitment to offer a world-class investment programme.

While the programme’s new visual identity incorporates the country’s matriarchal brand featuring the immediately recognisable famous Pitons, this rebranding is much more than a change in the logo symbols and imagery. It is, say the CIP unit, the country’s ‘stamp’ to clearly set themselves apart and to offer a lasting return on investment to its many citizens.

Commenting on Saint Lucia’s ability to thrive in the post-pandemic era, CEO of the Saint Lucia CIP, Nestor Alfred, said: “What really sets us apart from other offerings in the region is our uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of good governance along with our dedication to ensuring rigorous due diligence.

“Our unwavering focus on accountability underpins the St. Lucia Citizenship-by-Investment Programme as a strategic investment that offers long-term growth and legacy options that are able to yield ongoing and exponential value for international investors. And it is this message that lies at the heart of our launched new brand and website.”


cip saint lucia website new


New brand pillars and website

A highlight of the rebranding is the aligned and enhanced website with User Experience and User Interface capabilities allowing for secure online applications, as well as serving as a powerful marketing tool with its rich content and information about both the programme and the country.

The Brand Pillars and tagline for the re-imagined CIP are Authentic – Respected – Secured.

Chairman of the Saint Lucia CIP, Ryan Devaux, explains: “Saint Lucia’s CIP programme has shown real leadership in the region. So, at its core, the integrity and transparency of the programme are of utmost importance. We ensure that our Audit is is done every year and the full report presented to Cabinet in compliance with legislative requirements.”

He adds: “In the vital area of due diligence, the Board reviews every single application even after it has gone through international vetting so as to ensure that we remain a highly reputable programme. We are happy to note that we continue to have a pristine record.”

Citizenship by Investment has a been a significant contribution to GDP for several Caribbean countries. Saint Lucia being the most recent of these islands to have such a programme has moved cautiously to navigate its complexity and to remain free of any controversy or scandal while learning from others’ experiences in positioning its programme for enhanced competitiveness and higher efficiency.

Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Allen Chastanet, is pleased with the direction that the CIP has taken under his leadership and is confident that the programme will continue to attract high net worth individuals who are looking for a well-run and reputable citizenship programme.



Benefits of CIP for Saint Lucia

Some key benefits derived from the revenue of the CIP programme include the availability and ease of access to affordable funding for investments and development in the country via the National Economic Fund.

Speaking at the launch of the CIP re-brand, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet said the Saint Lucia CIP had improved “the country’s net worth and credit rating” as well as driving investment. “So whether it’s in healthcare, education or infrastructure it makes free capital to invest in the development of our country.”

Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme

Launched in 2016, Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment program is the newest of the five CBI programmes offered in the Caribbean. It is also one of the cheapest, with a minimum outlay of just $100,000, and is one of the most straightforward in terms of ease and speed of passport processing.

In addition to offering the cheapest financial outlay for single applicants, St Lucia’s CBI programme is currently offering the most affordable second passport option for families, with its temporary special Covid-19 offer (a reduction of $40,000), which runs until December 2020. This temporary offer gives potential investors the chance to purchase a non-interest-bearing government bond for just $250,000 (that is half the original price of its usual bond investment) for a single applicant with $30,000 added on as an admin fee. Applicants can add dependents to the application for the exact same price, though number of years will increase with each add-on.

The average time for processing a St Lucia second passport is three months and the process of application for St Lucia’s CIP is known to be transparent and thorough. A further positive of St Lucia’s citizen investment programme is that there is no need for applicants to reside in or travel to the island during the application processing.

A second passport from St Lucia gives individuals free access to more than 146 countries, including the UK, Schengen area, EU, South America and Singapore.

St Lucia’s programme delivers five investment options, the most of any other country. As a location, St Lucia not only offers a very relaxing lifestyle, it also boasts the best economy in the Caribbean.

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