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June 27, 2021

There are just six months left for families to take advantage of the limited time offer for families under Saint Kitts citizenship by programme, which allows families of four citizenship for a reduced fee of US$150,000.

The limited time offer, which gives a family of four citizenship of the Caribbean island of Saint Kitts in exchange for a US$150,000 donation to the country’s Sustainable Growth Fund, was launched during the pandemic in 2020 for just six months.

However, due to its popularity especially among HNWIs across the Middle East and Asia, the CBI Programme offer was extended for a further year and now there are just six months left.

Introduced in 1984 following St Kitts’ independence from the UK, the nation’s CBI Programme offers investors a safe and secure route to second citizenship and to a second passport for all the family.

The Sustainable Growth Fund option is the fastest and most straightforward route to St Kitts citizenship and is the only path that offers the limited time offer. Under the discount, families of up to four can gain citizenship for US$150,000 rather than the previous cost of US$195,000. This accounts for a $45,000 price cut.

The importance of keeping the family structure together is reflected in St Kitts and Nevis’ CBI Programme, making it particularly attractive to Middle Eastern and Asian families.

Caribbean countries are most family-inclusive

In fact, the Caribbean CBI countries all stand out in their offer of programmes that include families, particularly acknowledging that the importance of keeping large families together.

In addition to Saint Kitts’ affordable offer for families, Antigua & Barbuda also reduced its fees for families during the pandemic, allowing up to six family members to quality for citizenship under its University of the West Indies Fund option for just US$150,000 inclusive of government fees.

Grenada, meanwhile, allows a family of four to make a one-off contribution of US$200,000, but they must also make additional government fees of US$50,000 per additional family member, and if parents, grandparents or siblings are included, further fees are added, so inclusive but pricey.

Family eligibility

In terms of eligibility of dependents, many of the rules of eligibility having been adapted throughout 2020 to embrace a more family-inclusive focus, with all the Caribbean CBI countries family-friendly and all allowing siblings to be included in the application when most other CBI countries worldwide do not.

Dominica includes the spouse, children and siblings up to the age of 25 (and includes adopted and blood siblings as well as siblings of both spouse and main applicant) as well as parents and grandparents.

Similarly, Grenada allows the entire family, including siblings of both spouse and main applicant (and siblings can be any age over 18 and do not need to be dependent), along with parents and grandparents (under the age of 55), though additional fees are required. Saint Lucia allows spouse, children, siblings (they must be 18 or under and unmarried) and dependent parents above 65; and Saint Kitts allows children under 30, siblings of the main applicant only (aged 30 or under) and both parents and grandparents over 55 as long as dependent.